As a fisheries scientist I had never felt motivated or capable in the area of marketing and extension. Although my roles required me to share scientific information with stakeholders, I had never enjoyed it and my efforts had always gone unrewarded. 

Prior to working with REIMAGINE FILMS my team had produced a web video series using another company. While that company produced what we asked them to, I felt that the end product was severely lacking  in production quality. It was not until I began working with REIMAGINE FILMS that I realised what I had been doing wrong. Hiring the wrong people! We thought we needed someone to film and edit, what we really need was a company to tell our story and understand our audience. 

From the start, REIMAGINE FILMS took control, conducting it’s own audience review, putting together a script, organising interviewees and gathering other video and images. Importantly they also managed to make me and the other interviewees look incredibly professional in our presentations. They were so good in this area that I could even watch my own performance without feeling embarrassed.

Finally and most noteworthy, the web video produced by REIMAGINE FILMS helped our scientific program win a UN award, reach a much greater audience and generate a significant 3 year funding contract. All these results at a reasonable price and minimal effort on my part.

REIMAGINE FILMS made me and my team look fantastic and I would strongly recommend them for any person or group whom have a similar circumstance to mine.

Dr Daniel Grixti
Fisheries Victoria

Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria