The overwhelming scientific consensus suggests that how we currently produce, consume & live on this planet has got to get smarter. We’re running down the natural capital of the environment upon which we rely & we need to do things better & together.

My clients are committed to doing something about this. So am I.

Thankfully, there are many fantastic, innovative sustainability-related initiatives being delivered by organisations working across areas like water, waste, renewable energy, transport, housing, infrastructure, conservation & natural resource management.

Given the widespread focus we all have on screens these days, tapping into the potential impact of video viewed through the variety of available digital channels is now an alluring yet challenging prospect for many Comms & Marketing teams.

REIMAGINE FILMS has been specifically set up to provide clever & affordable solutions that will support sustainability leaders looking to effectively promote their organisations & initiatives.

As a medium, we think short video’s greatest value lies in its potential to summarise, energise & inspire. A video is best focused on first building a viewer’s trust, with informative detail there in support, rather than the reverse being the case.

We believe viewers will be most responsive when hearing ‘real people’ express their own opinions & observations. Our expertise lies in identifying & working with these ‘real people’ to deliver on-screen ‘characters’ that combined together will deliver a compelling ‘story’ which is in line with a client’s strategic message or theme.

To achieve such videos, we must first REIMAGINE.

Steve Doyle
September 2017