All projects begin with a Client’s briefing in which the subject matter, objectives, target audiences and intended channels for promotion are outlined. To produce a compelling reflection of these guidelines as a short video, first it’ll be necessary to prioritise them, if you haven’t already.

Click here to learn how you can make these refinements to your brief & why it’s important. With those decisions made, a Scope of Work can be settled on. The RF template for this agreement can be found here.

REIMAGINE FILMS (RF) can now begin its 4 step process:

1. Research and concept development
Independent research is necessary to understand the creative potential of your subject matter. This will be the basis for RF to get the best out of the subject matter through relevant ‘characters’ & locations.

2. Script development
RF will provide a script outline with indicative dialogue designed to deliver our client’s key messages through authentic voices. Generally, we don’t ask those who are to appear on screen to prepasre in any way. Instead, we simply work backwards from the clientapproved script to devise questions for the shoot. This ensures answers are genuine & as relaxed as possible.

3. Pre-production & the Shoot
Thorough preparation, including a ‘location recce’, is very important for any RF shoot. It gives RF the opportunity to greatly reduce the potential for disruption & distraction. We want those we interview to feel comfortable & enjoy their experience so we can get the best footage possible.

4. Editing & post production
Editing is the one craft unique to filmmaking. It’s a process involving thousands of little decisions that will bring to life your idea in such a way that could never be fully anticipated. When we sit together for the first screening, our aim is for you to experience an expression of your vision that goes beyond what you imagined on your own.

This is the REIMAGINE process.

Video comments here from Cool Australia on their experience of the RF process.